Coach 4 Team Success Coaches Gym

How 2 Train Corporate Teams 4 Success

Hi CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaches®

Welcome to your Life Gym-

a place to get in the reps you want and need to be a 10 Coach.

The Desired Outcomes of our Life Gym:

  1. Get Coached by Carlette through our MeQ Skills and 3D Tools
  2. Provide “film” to watch to learn more about how to coach
  3. Provide “tools” for you to teach, coach, and train your client's new skills

Coach 4 Team Success

How 2 Train Corporate Teams 4 Success

Looking for the competitive edge that will take your team to the next level?

Do you want to equip your Team with training and tools to maximize their talents, develop them to be accountable for their individual success and create a Game Plan for CHAMP10N Change? Using the same proven methodology as sports team, get your team coached up for success with Sports Life Coaching Success Skills.

Course Desired Outcomes : Sports Life Coaching Trains your Team in the Following Success Skills:

  1. Team Communication for Success
  2. Team Training for Success based on your Team’s Definition of Success
  3. Understanding Change and Change Management
  4. Winning Strategies for Team Success
  5. Emotional Management for Team Success

Course Investment:

Time: Total of 20 Hours, offered through Retreats, Workshops, or Weekly Training

$1,500 Per Person

Coach 4 Team Success was developed utilizing best practices of sports, business, and life.

It has been implemented globally with hundreds of professional & collegiate athletes, coaches, corporations, executives, university teams, professional sports organizations, and philanthropic organizations.

Your Instructor

Carlette Patterson
Carlette Patterson

Creator of Personal, Professional, and Philanthropic Development Brands:

  • Champion Sports Life Coaching and Certification®
  • Champion Wellbeing® and Certification
  • Chief Wellbeing Officers and Certification®
  • MeQ®
  • Life Training Academy
  • 10 Talks Podcast
  • Sports Philanthropy League®
  • 3D Student Success Coaching
  • Character Code
  • Global Athlete League
  • Sports Super Heros

3D Training is the foundation for all of Carlette's coaching and training brands, which have been implemented in the US, New Zealand, and Australia, for thousands of professional and collegiate athletes, coaches, teams, corporations, and executives.

Professionally, Carlette is committed to honoring who we are and the unique gifts we have to share, through the power of our life work. Philanthropically, she is devoted to G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E. to the next generation and train them to be champions in their lives. Personally, Carlette is embracing the adventure of creating a life she loves and sharing her message of hope- who we are and what we value is important- you matter. As a mother, Carlette is supporting her three adult daughters to have the courage to discover who they are, what they want, and how to play a small role in something bigger than themselves.

If you would like more information regarding the Team Success for CHAMP1ON CHANGE course, please email [email protected]

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